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Humble Administrator's Garden
Suzhou is best known for its gardens, and there are many gardens, the most representative of which is the "Humble Administrator's Garden". It, together with Beijing Summer Palace, chengde summer resort and suzhou lingering garden, is known as the four famous gardens in China.
Pingjiang Lu
After visiting the Humble Administrator's Garden, you can go to the nearby Pingjiang Lu. Pingjiang Lu is the best preserved ancient street in Suzhou. It has small bridges, powder walls and tiles, and many amazing shops.
Suzhou Museum
There is also a free Suzhou Museum near the Humble Administrator's Garden. After the visit, you can go to Guanqian Street for snacks.
Shantang Street
Going to Shantang Street in the evening,the flavor of jiangnan water village is still well preserved here, with many old houses and residences on the water.. Quiet and fresh during the day, and the lights swaying at night is another scene.
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